Contemplative prayer and meditation

Have you ever wondered about the benefits of meditation?  We have a group that meets on the third Thursday of each calendar month. The group is well-established and supported by folks from both churches. We are open to the wider community and occasionally advertise our sessions in ICN, but so far have only attracted church go-ers. The group ranges in size from 3 or 4 to 12 and is nearly always just women, though we do welcome men and would like to see more of you!

We meet from 2 till 4pm each time in the Hardwick room so that we have time to chat and share a drink as well as spend time together in quiet, meditative prayer.

I prepare and lead most of the sessions, though sometimes I can persuade other group members to have a go!   Our time is spent reflecting in the first half on passages from the Bible and in the second on the how the message impacts on our lives past and present.  It is mostly conducted seated and in silence though we do use music and poetry to help us gain stillness. It’s very gentle and informal. The “regulars” say they go home refreshed and restored and ready to take on the world!

If this has interested you….there is no pre-booking….just come along and try it.

Anne Whitlam