Prayer for Today

Fill us …

Gracious God,
we seek for your love and grace to fill us completely, renewing and transforming us to reflect more of you.
Fill us, O Lord, with your overflowing refreshing presence!

In this journey of self-reflection and surrender, we empty ourselves of distractions and wordly concerns.
Fill us, O Lord, with your peace and clarity!

Like a vessel waiting to be filled, we open our hearts, ready to receive your word
Fil us, O Lord, with your truth and steadfast assurance!

In moments of weariness and weakness, we find refuge in your sustaining grace.
Fill us, O Lord, with youFr empowering strength!

Just as you promised Abraham a future full of hope, we place our trust in your promises for our lives.
Fill us, O Lord, with the joy of your promises!

We lift our hearts in anticipation, yearning to be filled with your presence and power.
Fill us, O Lord, with all that you are!


This prayer comes from the URC Prayer handbook written by Stephen Ansa-Addo